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Wok Platter
Wok Platter
Wok Platter


Wok Platter

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Code : R6009
Dimension : 9.0''  /  228mm x H43mm                     Pack : 40

Code : R6010
Dimension : 10.5''  /  270mm x H47mm                   Pack : 30

Code : R6012
Dimension : 12.0''  /  305mm x H50mm                   Pack : 20

Available In Colour :  PW, MS, DS, BK

Melamine products are safety, no radiation, long-term use without any adverse effects on the human body. 
2) Melamine product not only remains the elegant style of porcelain, but also have a light weight, attractive appearance, durable, unbreakable and so on advantages. 
3) Various styles, different shapes, product designs are bright and beautiful, closer to life and nature.
4) Melamine products are not easy being erosion from oil, gasoline, organic solvents, can not easily be dyed. 

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